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5 Reasons You Should Hire Established Smoke Damage Restoration Companies

Apart from the physical damage to your material property, fire can cause mental distress. Your response after extinguishing the fire is all that matters. Are you disturbed by the scars left by an accidental fire in your home? Read on to learn why smoke damage restoration companies are the ultimate solution to fire damage problems.

Access to Specialized Tools and Equipment

Established smoke damage restoration firms have a set of skills and tools that make the cleanup process easier. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about the prevailing conditions and newest developments in the industry. Removing fire soot residue requires an innovative combination of both technology and technical skills.

Residential fire damage restoration firms are armed with state-of-the art tools to increase the efficiency of the cleaning process. Apart from the equipment, these smoke damage repair contractors have the right cleaning products to restore your property to its original state before the fire.

Quick Response

Restoration professionals understand your urgency and are quick to respond to your call. As such, they provide efficient and fast emergency response services to reduce further damage to property. At JP Maguire, we are available 24/7 for emergency response.

The cleanup is done in record time to bring your property to its pre-fire condition. Although there might be the urge to do the cleanup activities on your own, the lack of proper tools is a derailing factor. Without the proper equipment and know how, it will take much longer to restore your property. At the same time, the damage may get worse if left unattended. It is, therefore, important to hire a professional as soon as the damage is done.

Thorough Inspection

Inspection is the first step towards the restoration of your home after fire and smoke damage. With the extent of damage documented, the experts like JP Maguire, will come up with a cleaning plan to restore your property.

Restoration companies have a team of experts trained to handle all technical issues in your home resulting from fire damage. These certified experts comb through the house to ascertain the extent of destruction and determine the best steps to begin reconstruction.

There may also be water damage from the fire being extinguished. Most homeowners don’t know that 98% of homes with basements experience some form of water damage. If you belong to this category, restoration experts will repair the water damage and help to prevent further damage from occurring.

Trained and Skilled Staff

Unlike ordinary cleaners, fire damage repair contractors have a specialized team of skilled and highly-trained staff. The employees at JP Maguire are professional and knowledgeable, thanks to the many hours of training they have undergone. Communication is one of the special skills they train for as part of the overall customer service experience.

Additionally, experienced firms do not take chances with the workers they hire. The employees are vetted according to specific principles and company guidelines to ensure a certain level of integrity and a solid work ethic. The main focus of these workers is to renew your property and make sure you are back in your home as soon as possible.

Thorough Cleaning

The best way to reverse smoke damage is with intense and thorough cleaning. Smoke and ash from a recently extinguished fire can be an obstacle for amateur cleaners. In the case of experienced professionals, they know what to do when such situations arise.

The deep cleaning process must target smoke odor and ash particles settled on surfaces. If the ash is left unattended, it is likely to destroy surfaces due to its acidic properties.

Although the workers will have performed an inspection at the beginning of the cleaning engagement, a second round of assessment may be necessary. This kind of thorough evaluation is something you will not see in ordinary cleaning services.

Professional fire damage repair contractors take their cleaning work seriously, and nothing is left to chance. The second round of assessment is meant to ascertain the quality of services provided and ensure that all surfaces are dry to avoid any mold problems in your refurbished property.

Final Word

Accidental fire is rare, but when it happens, the damage can be enormous. Whether it is an electrical fault or a mishap in the kitchen, the faster you act the better. You can bank on the quick response of fire damage restoration companies like JP Maguire. For more information on smoke damage cleanup in CT, contact us today.

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