Water Damage Restoration in CT

CT Water Restoration

Commercial – Residential – Municipal Flood and Water Damage Cleanup Company

Thunderstorms and hurricanes. Frozen pipes. Leaking plumbing or water heaters. Overflowing toilets. Fire sprinkler damage. Sewage backups. Flooded basement. Ice Dams. No matter the cause, the longer sitting water saturates a building and its contents, the more devastating its impact. Immediate and effective water mitigation and water damage repair is critical to saving property and salvaging valuable and cherished belongings.

When faced with a flooded house or business operations are interrupted by water damage, it is essential that a comprehensive water cleanup effort begin as soon as possible. Water removal is only the first step. Structures and contents must be properly dried to prevent mold damage before repair and reconstruction can begin.

JP Maguire Associates is the premier provider of commercial, municipal, and residential wind and storm damage restoration services in Connecticut. Since 1982 JP Maguire has responded to thousands flood and water damage disasters. We return property to its original condition as quickly and painlessly as possible. We handle every job with a focus on customer service, quality and speed. “We Make It Go Away!”

Water Damage Mitigation Services

Immediately after water damage occurs JP Maguire will assess the damage and begin the water removal and drying process. Moisture levels are measured and tracked to inhibit mold growth. Contents, furniture and wet carpet are removed for repair, cleaning or disposal.

Water Extraction
Debris Removal
Pump Outs
Carpet Extraction and Cleaning
Structural Drying
Content Pack-outs
Humidity Control
Shoring, Tarping and Boardups
Moisture Monitoring and Drying Verification
Odor Control and Deodorization

Water Damage Restoration and Reconstruction

After flood water is removed and moisture levels are safe, JP Maguire will provide a complete range of water damage repair and reconstruction services to return your property to pre-flood condition. Our team will prepare complete damage appraisals with accurate restoration estimates. They work directly with insurance agents and adjustors to make sure all available coverage is received to minimize out-of-pocket costs, saving you time and money.

Water Damage Content Cleaning and Recovery

The loss of valuable possessions or family treasures following a water damage disaster can be a devastating and traumatic event, but JP Maguire’s cleaning division many of these items do not need to be disposed. From stuffed animal to family photo albums, to important business documents to leather shoes, JP Maguire uses the latest technologies to bring water damaged items back to life.

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. All calls are returned within 30 minutes and our knowledgeable experts can arrive at your property within two hours of your call.

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