Tier 1 Pre-Disaster Program

Recover Faster With Our Tier 1 Pre-Disaster Program

Do You Have a Disaster Plan in Place?

Connecticut’s local restoration specialists JP Maguire Associates are your trusted adviser in property damage restoration and will return your property to its original state as fast as possible.

When disasters happen, it can be hectic and chaotic. Taking a few simple steps now will reduce the time, eliminate confusion and give you peace of mind that you have the most trusted, property damage restoration contractor helping you through a difficult time.

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What Do You Get As A Tier 1 Client?

Priority service/emergency responder
In the event of a large catastrophe, when emergency contracting services are in demand, you’ll get priority service when you call our emergency line. To help you prepare, a JP Maguire Associates representative will visit and assess your properties. They will store key contact and building information that will be helpful to our crews during a hectic emergency. Our mobile units are ready 24/7/365.

Accelerated communication
Many times there are multiple people involved with insurance claim-related restoration. Communication is a key element when dealing with a contractor. By having key contacts stored in our database, this will help expedite the cleanup and repairs and ultimately get you back in business sooner.

No cost access to our restoration professionals
Mold, offensive odors, or water damage from an unknown source? JP Maguire Associates will send an expert at NO CHARGE to inspect the issue and consult with you on how to move forward and get it resolved.

What is the cost of this pre-disaster plan?
Our plan has an estimated value of over $500 but costs nothing for members. Why? Because at JP Maguire Associates, we value a long-term business relationship with you. For our Tier 1 clients, the value is priceless.

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